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healthy meal, VItality with Emily Bronze Programme




If your diet and lifestyle need a re-boot but you are motivated and content to work more independently, then this programme is for you.


After two in-depth 90-minute consultations, we will meet once every three weeks for a 45-minute zoom call where we can adjust your plan, celebrate your successes, review your progress and discuss any challenges you may be having.  This programme lasts for 13 weeks. 

This programme includes:

1 x 90-minute ‘getting to know you’ zoom consultation where we will look in depth at your diet, lifestyle, what you have tried in the past and your likes and dislikes.

1 x 90 minute ‘action planning’ zoom consultation where we will work together on some simple steps you can implement to achieve your goals

3 x 45-minute zoom top-up consultations and one 30-minute wrap up consultation

Full diet and nutritional evaluation (including macro, micro and phytonutrients) 

Full lifestyle evaluation (including sleep, exercise, toxins and connections) 

Simple-to-follow diet and lifestyle action plans

Supplement evaluation and recommendations 

Body composition analysis (weight and BMI) 

Nutritional advice leaflets and factsheets 

One menu plan

Whatsapp and email support throughout

Personalised coaching

Programme cost: £460

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