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Emily Collins Nutrition Coach standing in kitchen



I'm Emily Collins

and I’m a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, wife and mother to three children.  I help women and in particular busy mums who want to develop a healthy shape, regain their confidence and thrive in life as a result. I'm a lifelong vegetarian and I specialise in helping those who are already vegetarian or those who would like to transition to a vegetarian diet.

I believe that every woman in their mid-life should be able to live life feeling at their best. Health is very individual, and one person's ‘healthy’ may be very different to another. No-one should have to live life feeling guilty about what they are eating, or depriving themselves of the things they love.

I don’t believe in diets...

but I believe in finding your own version of a sustainable healthy lifestyle which makes you feel good and is built around your preferences and routines.

I have always been passionate about the benefits of healthy food and regular exercise and am a keen runner.  During each of my three pregnancies, I've gained over three stone and by healthy eating and regular exercise I've returned back to my normal shape.  Life with three children can be exhausting but I find that through having a healthy lifestyle I have more energy and resolve to deal with the challenges of family life and work.

For the last 20 years I have worked in public health.   I have always had a passion to work with people on a more individual level to help them to find their best health. This led me to undertake a diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin. I then set up my own coaching business, Vitality with Emily, to help busy mums develop a healthy shape, rediscover their energy and thrive in life.

 I find nutrition and lifestyle fascinating and I always keep up with the latest science and research so that I can support my clients in the best way possible. I am also a member of the UK Health Coaches Association.

Emily Collins Nutrition Coach reading recipe book in kitchen


About my clients

My clients are usually busy mums, and women aged between 35-55 who have tried endless approaches to weight loss and are confused by the information they see around diet and exercise. My clients often feel exhausted by life and that they can’t keep up with the demands presented by family and/or work. They often want to understand more about the food that they are consuming and how it can contribute to their wellbeing and longevity and generally give them a new lease of life.

If you are ready to make lifelong changes and take back control of your health then book in for a complementary 30 minute vitality review

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